Building Resilient Children, Youth, and Communities in Alberta

Our Purpose

Inform. Strengthen. Prepare.

The ARC Project examines the lived realities of children, youth, and their communities in order to inform and strengthen child and youth functioning, health, well-being, and resilience, and to enhance citizen engagement in disaster preparedness, disaster risk reduction, and disaster resilience in Alberta.


what it means and why it matters

Resilience is the ability of individuals, groups, and communities to adapt to and recover from adversity, tragedy, and trauma. One’s ability to be resilient is not solely dependent on an individual’s characteristics nor their social environments. Rather, resilience is a result of the interaction between both individual and environmental factors.

Some communities, children, and youth show greater capacities for resilience after experiencing a disaster. Taking the time to learn and understand what characteristics and factors contribute to resilience will help build capacity to support children, youth, and their communities in their ability to adapt, recovery and become stronger post-flood in Southern Alberta.

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Ideas into action

The ARC Project seeks to build, strengthen, and support resilience from the perspectives of children, youth, and community influencers and service providers.


Strength in numbers

As a collaborative partnership, the ARC Project brings together over thirty academic experts, researchers, knowledge end-users, government stakeholders, and non-profit community partners in Alberta committed to child, youth, and community resilience.


The information hub

The ARC Project is an information hub providing valuable and timely evidence-based knowledge, resources, materials, and tools focused on child, youth, and community resilience.

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